Kanouya-kitagishi spread Japanese traditional art crafts from Kyoto to all over the world.


Kitagishi’s recommended items



The Kyo- fan is made by the traditional craftsman Go Omura, using the selected Japanese papers and the bamboo materials which stand out those textures and the beauties as the traditional art crafts.

We have variety of fans from the ones with a reasonable price to the ones that stick to the materials such as Fusyu fan, Kazari fan, Mai fan, and Cha fan etc.

Kyo- doll


We have the authentic dolls including the clay doll such as Ohayashi-san and Maiko-san, Ichimatsu doll and Fuzoku doll with those fine clothes, and Ondokoro doll which has been known as the gift from the palace since early times.

Nishijin-brocade accessory


Nishijin-brocade that represents one of the traditional art crafts, We have varieties of accessories fully using the clothes such as ‘Ryumura fabric’, ‘Kawashima fabric’, and the famous fabrics etc. Those are nothing but the art works meticulously, beautifully and elegantly woven using the high class colored yarns

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