Kanouya-kitagishi spread Japanese traditional art crafts from Kyoto to all over the world.


Frequently asked questions from the customers

Questions form the customers

About return and replacement

Is it possible to return and replace the items purchased at the online shop?
Because of the different inventory managements between the physical shop and the online shop, the purchased items online are both non-returnable and non-replaceable at the physical shop. Please ask the online shop.

About the case where the items have errors and damages

If the items have errors and damages, what are we supposed to do?
Although we fully pay attention to the quality control and the item delivery, please inform us within a week after the arrival of the items if there are errors, damages, contaminations and scratches in the items.
The items are replaceable to the good one with no shipping cost. Furthermore, please bear in mind that the items are not replaceable if the notification is informed us later than that date.

About restocking

How do we know the restocking date of sold out items?
Regarding the restocking schedule, please inform us of the name of the item and quantity due to the convenience of the production sites and shipping. We will contact you about the shipping situation.
Items are in stock?
Please give us a call or an email.
How much is the shipping cost?
All the prices are same but the one of Hokkaido and Okinawa. We can also commensurate with the item types.

Online shop

You can purchase our products from the online shop.