Kanouya-kitagishi spread Japanese traditional art crafts from Kyoto to all over the world.




Pursuit for the original (persistent to made in Kyoto)

We have practical and affordable Kyoto’s traditional crafts such as Kyo-braided cords and Kyo-tap including Kyo-dolls, Kyo-snacks, and Nishijin-brocade accessories.


This is the Kyo-fan that Go Omura, an artisan of Kyohuan Omura (Union member of the commerce association of the fan in Kyoto fan group)made by using the selected materials.  ‘Kyo-fan’ is the one whose surfaces, supports, and finishing processes are all domestically produced mostly in Kyoto and Shiga. The title of ‘Kyo-fan’ is possessed by the commerce association of the fan in Kyoto fan group, which can be used only by the union member.


Kyo-doll is one of the traditional crafts that represents Kyoto. The dressing dolls with a beautiful geisha figure, No doll with the dignified standing figure, the clay doll burned in Kiyomizu, and the Ondokoro doll (child doll) called the prototype of the Kyoto doll are prepared.


Nishijin-brocade with the elaborate embroidery, the artistic patterns and the elegance are one of the fabrics that represents Japan. There are varieties of weaving techniques such as gold brocade, tanzu, rinzu and velvet features depend on the manufacturing companies and craftsmen.

We have accessories such as ‘Ryumura fabric’, ‘Kawashima fabric’, and the bag made out of the specialty’s cloth as treasure which has been known as the tea ceremony and the daimyo pattern and carried on since Muromachi era.

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